z = throw

x = reset

arrows = angle

Lyle is sucked into space with the evil Powermen, trapped in their satanic Bouncearound. He has only one shot to clear their interstellar dens of evil with his blade-like puck exterior lest he be relegated to suffer in the boundless confines of the celestial for the rest of his dull, meaningless existence.


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[cp from the gmtk page]
Awesome game! Really gameplay focused. The SFX are amazing, the transitions between the levels and the retryes are real cool. Unfortunately, I just could pass the second level 2 out of 5 times. I think it would serve the game well if the player could tell what angle he/she already used. Like, the same bar, but with lower opacity, and just show the last 5, I dunno, but I think it would help, for finer eye tuning. But I really liked your game, from the concept, to the application! Congratulations!

love the sound effects btw

Oooh this is a really nice simple game!! Awesome and simple idea, nice work!